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  1. LIVE Remote camera view and video playback on set for clients and directors OUR secure Gigabit fibre-optic network have allowed us to install a Hi spec, private network Broadcast standard frame-accurate, encrypted live streaming system that feeds LIVE from your studio camera and playback. This greatly reduces the need for directors and clients to be present and exposed on set. The audio and video feed ensures you still have effective control for directing and watching the filming of your shoot from anywhere in the world.


  1. On set video conferencing with two-way comms for up to 20 crew for client and crew monitoring

A 90” 4k motorised video monitor coupled with an HD PTZ pan and tilt controlled reference camera ensures all crew can be off set and at the same time see and hear what is happening on set. Crew and talent can see what is happening and hear their call from the set when required. Also, crew such as art dept or gaffer can advise any changes on set without having to be on set!


  1. Near set DiT, data processing, storage and rapid file transfer

     We can provide DIT direct from the camera to Post House – without the need for DIT kit or crew on set. No backup storage or back up discs required (which further reduces COVID  transmission risk person to person) one less person on set, and must faster secure transfer of data through our GB fibre optic lines. Should you want to use your own DIT, they can also be accommodated on sit but off set.


  1. Prelit facilities – with DMX controlled lighting – minimising    need for Electrical Department to be present on the shoot day.

We have a range of prelit LED lighting packages that eliminate the need for electrical department on some shoots and minimising their presence on multiple setup shoots.


  1. Multi-camera secure gallery with options for automated remote-controlled pan, tilt and zoom cameras

We have the facility to offer a fully or partially automated solution that reduces personnel on-site and removes the gallery to a separate adjacent office. Ideal for virtual meetings and exhibitions and is proving increasingly popular for large clients who are unable to attend and present at global or national exhibitions.


  1. Our own studio “Track and Trace” app. Is operating during a shoot – ensuring traceability in event of an outbreak

We have installed an app that will identify the times and dates of every crew member, talent, and client who were on set during a shoot. If any member of your crew later is found to have tested positive for COVID-19, we will maintain secure records of every person on site who may have been in contact with them. Each person will be asked to log in before entering the studio (mandatory) but these records will be destroyed 3 weeks after the shoot.


  1. COVID safe – individualised catering and craft services

Our in-house caterers are fully equipped and ready to provide individual meal boxes, snacks, and drinks for all crew. Safe distanced eating areas also available from breakfast to evening meals.



For more information on our COVID Secure Policy please contact Owen at 07790846637 or [email protected]


Contact us

Contact us:

Email: [email protected]
Visit: Studio House, Battersea Road, Stockport, SK4 3EA

+44(0)161 432 9000