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From 25 years of Z Film Studios to the all-new VECTAR Project. The 1st film studio and post-production facility in the UK dedicated to completely Carbon Neutral film production by the end of 2020

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Visit: Studio House, Battersea Road, Stockport, SK4 3EA

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Z Film Studios is now the VECTAR Project

  • A new look
  • A new feel
  • New facilities
  • A new approach to production that offers:
    • True carbon savings through the adoption of new technology
    • Faster more secure data workflow
    • Better monitoring and control by clients
    • Lower unit production costs
    • Currency saving in Lower cost Post Brexit UK base

New Production approach at VECTAR Project

The core values of the VECTAR project are:

1. Sustainability – green production methods from Pre-Production to Finishing to ensure that every aspect of production is covered

2. Flexibility – in working with clients who want to work towards sustainability but haven’t the time or resources to devote to it.

3. Affordability – amortizing and spreading the costs of green investment over the years, ensuring green production methods can be adopted immediately without heavily impacting on the unit costs of production.

The new look and feel of the VECTAR Project

The facilities have undergone a phase 1 makeover investment in the existing building (now 25 years old) by

  • Upgrading the sound stage
  • Better support facilities
  • New LED Lighting powered by solar panels
  • New 10 Gigabit data transfer infrastructure
  • New post-production facilities with graphics, 3D, Online and finishing suites
  • Fully equipped Art dept Workshops within the building.

Creating a more efficient and current facility yet saving 90% in new build equivalence.

Contact us

Contact us:

Email: [email protected]
Visit: Studio House, Battersea Road, Stockport, SK4 3EA

+44(0)161 432 9000