Studio 2 is ideal for drama, podcasts, interviews and castings.

An ideal second studio to carry out simultaneous stills production alongside your film shoot.

The cove can be made up as greenscreen, bluescreen, white cyc or blackout as standard. Using our LED array we can light the cove any colour you want. We also offer bespoke painting services, price on application.

Studio 2 is also equipped for virtual production, fitted with a live camera tracking system capable of updating Unreal Engine graphics in real time. The tracking system can be used with LED walls, projection systems or be live keyed against greenscreen using our Ultimatte 12 4K keyer.


 • 600sq ft
• Permanent U-shape infinity cove – 22ft x 15ft (7m x 5m)
• Infinity cove is available as white, green or black
• Overhead lighting rig
• Fully tracked for VP/XR productions
• Client area
• High-speed Wi-Fi access
• Comes with a private dressing room