Range of Film, Lighting, Recording, Audio and  Post-Production 


The studio has a full complement of stage lighting and also has extensive contacts and arrangements for the supply of all lighting, camera, grips, and specialist equipment. Please ask for details. 

Staff are on-site to help with any advice you may need and are also available to help assemble equipment prior to and during a shoot.

  •  Wide choice of cameras and lenses for hire
  • Frame accurate encrypted live-streaming
  • 360 live streaming/HDRI camera
  • Teleprompter
  • Live chromakey 
  • Paperless production 
  • Multicamera fly away gallery for live multi-cam production
  • Near set DIT services, using Silverstack and custom software.
  • Audio syncing
  • LTO backup of all rushes available on request
  • Fast 400TB on set SSD storage solutions
  • 360° twin tab tracks accommodate 360° black drapes (17ft 3″ drop)
  • Custom made chroma drapes and green flooring (for minimal reflection)
  • Full range of gels, filter available on request Colorama
  • Set pre-lighting service available.

Equipment includes:

  • HMI and LED lighting from 100w to 20kW studio heads and moving heads with full DMX controlling, dimmer packs with single and 3 phase distribution and supplies.
  • Camera hire from Digital SLR to full 8K 35mm cine cameras – Canon, Sony, Arri, Panasonic, and Red Including DiT, video village, and offline facilities.
  • All Grips equipment from suitcase dollies, Steadicam, Fisher and Chapman dollies, Jibs, crane systems, and full-motion control rigs.