From 25 years of Z Film Studios to the all new VECTAR Project. The 1st film studio and post production facility in the UK dedicated to carbon neutral film production

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We are the sustainable studio: enjoy greener filming at VECTAR project thanks to our own solar array and low energy lighting, high speed data connection, paperless production and full support to help make your production more sustainable. Reduce your carbon footprint even further with paper-based sets by Vectar Sets.


The VECTAR Project was launched with the goal of making sustainable film production easy and more cost effective. We are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and make it simpler to find greener solutions for your next production. We love to share our sustainable story, and help your next production find ways to make your shooting greener and your Albert or Adgreen certification easier to complete.


We are an Albert approved supplier, and one of the first UK studios to go green – several years before the new studio standards came in! We are always looking for new ways to do better and are working towards comprehensive certification of our sustainability policies. We are also leading the way with our ground-breaking Vectar Sets, offering paper-based sets that are, lighter, faster and fully recyclable!


The fight against climate change is not a competition: if we are going to make a difference we all need to be on the same team.

Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint: check out the information below about how VECTAR could help make your next project greener and more cost effective.



 The film industry has produced ground-breaking films that reveal mankind’s negative effects on the planet, yet we are often one of the most wasteful industries and guilty of contributing to the very damage we see on the screen.

VECTAR Project has undertaken extensive research and investment to provide easy, practical and cost-saving solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of every aspect of filming.


    • We’ve replaced our old tungsten lighting with the latest LED Film Lighting, providing an 85-90% reduction in consumption with a noticeable improvement in lighting ranges
    • Our solar panels have sufficient output to power all the studio LED lighting, if necessary, additional requirements are sourced from certified green energy providers
    • We promote paper-free production, with paperless systems in casting, on set and in post
    • Gigabit lines have been installed making high-speed DIT achievable saving local data storage and time
    • Full high-definition video conferencing, saving travel for clients who can still see every detail of what is happening on set.
    • Strict recycling of all waste, and a single-use plastic free zone,
    • we actively support set and prop recycling – and of course our Vectar Sets are all low carbon and fully recyclable!
    • We can provide full craft services, with on-site catering, delicious vegetarian and vegan options and a focus on local sourcing.

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Contact us:

Visit: Studio House, Battersea Road, Stockport, SK4 3EA

+44(0)161 432 9000